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Retain the rights and benefits of your policy

Security comes first

Keep in mind that an NN Hellas Insurance Policy is about protecting your personal and family future. By retaining your policy, you enjoy all rights and benefits it has to offer, plus the confidence and security of being part of the big family of NN Hellas, which means that:

  • You enjoy the high quality of our professional services, trusted every day by 85.000.000 customers around the world.
  • Your personal Insurance Advisor offers professional advice and prompt service.
  • You have easy access to our services, through 1.160 Insurance Advisors, 48 Sales Offices in Greece.
  • You have easy access to specific private and public hospitals in Greece and abroad, with lower-cost hospitalization, if you have a hospital care plan through NN Hellas.
  • You can receive extra income when you choose, if you have an investment plan with NN Hellas.
  • You can receive a loan with very competitive interest rate, in case it is offered through the plan you have selected.

What you lose if you break or transfer your policy.

  • All coverages stemming from your insurance plan.
  • You may be subject to penalty for surrendering or canceling your policy.
  • A percentage of your earnings or, in case of surrender1, you may receive a smaller amount than the amount you have paid.
  • If you choose to buy a policy in the future, it is possible that due to age or health factors you will not be able to take advantage of the same coverages or that they will be more expensive.

What other options you have.

  • Reduce the premium you pay by converting your plan.
  • Surrender part of your policy, without losing all of the advantages.
  • Use the loan option, in case it is offered with your policy, without having to interrupt your plan.
  • Check whether the plan you have covers your needs or whether you need one that suits you better.

We are here to offer our advice.

We are by your side to offer advice so that you can reach the best possible decision for your future. Before you decide, consult your Insurance Advisor or contact us on 801 100 200 300 by landline or 210 950 6000 by mobile or abroad, to discuss in detail the options we can offer.

1Cash Surrender Value is the sum of money payable for your policy, in case of premature termination of your contract, as defined in the terms of your policy.

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