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NN Orange Health

With NN Orange Health, the coverage of hospitalization expenses works on the basis of a deductible amount per case. 

In particular, if you choose private hospitalization in contracted private hospitals in Greece:

  • You pay the hospital up to the per case deductible amount.
  • We pay the hospital for the rest of the eligible expenses.

If you choose non-contracted private hospitals in Greece or abroad, hospitalization expenses are covered as follows:

  • You pay the hospital to the full.
  • We reimburse 80% of the eligible hospitalization expenses, minus the per case deductible amount.

If you choose public hospitals in Greece:

  • You pay the hospital to the full.
  • We reimburse 100% of the eligible hospitalization expenses.

NN Orange Health offers comprehensive hospitalization coverage, with:

  • Maximum annual reimbursement of €500.000
  • Maximum hospitalization period of 365 days
  • Room classes A or B
  • Intensive care coverage
  • Surgeon and anesthesiologist fee
  • Exclusive nurse
  • Operations without hospitalization
  • Chemotherapy and radiotherapy
  • Small surgery without hospitalization

Additionally, NN Orange Health offers:

  • Allowance for the participation of another insurance institution
  • Surgical allowance
  • Transportation in case of emergency

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