NN Care for All

NN Care for All

Outpatient product NN Care for All, provides you unlimited diagnostic exams at the owned network of VIOIATRIKI Group in Attica and Thessaloniki.

NN Care for All at a glance!




Collaborating network

Owned Diagnostic Centers and Clinics of VIOIATRIKI Group in Attica and Thessaloniki


Diagnostic exams

Annual limit for diagnostic exams


Customer's participation

  • 0% with perscription form EOPYY
  • 15% without perscription form EOPYY

For specific exams which are indicated in the terms and conditions of the program, prescription form EOPYY is mandatory.

Call center

For appointments, call NN Hellas at 801 100 200 300 and 210 950 6000 and choose the selection of the VIOIATRIKI Group coordination call center.


In addition, NN Care for All provides you:

  • Discount in case of hospitalization at the Clinics of VIOIATRIKI Group in Attica and Thessaloniki
  • Discount for dental care at the owned dental clinics of VIOIATRIKI Group
  • Free medical transportation by ambulance of VIOIATRIKI, in case of emergency which will result to hospitalization that will take place in any VIOIATRIKI Group clinic in Attica or Thessaloniki

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