NN Hellas - Private Health Insurance - Life Insurance

We care

we are clear, we commit to you.

Passion, experience, professionalism

all these make us stand out.

We are on your side

so that you can look at the future with optimism.

Who we are

We are NN Hellas and we’ve been on your side since 1980. Our aim is to use our experience, our know-how, and our skills to help people like you feel more confident about the future. To do that, we design retirement, insurance policies, investment plans, and mutual funds, which match today’s reality and cover your personal needs. Because what is important to you, is important to us too.

Our passion and professionalism have brought us a long way. We have earned the trust of more than 250.000 customers, we have established a network of 45 Sales Offices and 1.120 Insurance Advisors, we have introduced Direct Sales, a direct distribution channel for products and services (www.nndirect.gr) and we work with Piraeus Financial Holdings to reach you wherever you live.

But for us, it is not the numbers that are important. It is the people behind the numbers: you. We care, we are clear, and we commit to you. Because it is you who made us one of the biggest insurance companies, both worldwide and in Greece.

Thanks to our size and know-how, we can offer top life, health and savings plans, mutual funds, investment and retirement programs, group insurance policies, and bankassurance products. But above all, we can offer confidence. Because at NN Hellas, we want to be more than an insurance company. We want to be your partner for a more secure future. 

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