International Marathon ALEXANDER THE GREAT

10th International Marathon ALEXANDER THE GREAT

We were the proud Grand Sponsor of the 10th International Marathon "ALEXANDER THE GREAT" in Thessaloniki, for the first time. An established running event, born in 2006, that is not just a big and international sporting event, but a journey in history.

This year, we supported this effort bringing into life in the best way our «Live Well» philosophy and giving everyone the opportunity to run or walk for performance or fun, thus promoting a healthy way of living.

The  sponsorship of the 10th International Marathon "ALEXANDER THE GREAT" coincided with the official presentation of our rebranding to NN Hellas and had a strong advertising support through all media.

NN 11th International Marathon "Alexander The Great"

The ΝΝ 11th International Marathon “Alexander the Great”, which took place on Sunday April 3rd, was a very successful event with impressive participation figures.  ΝΝ Ηellas supported the biggest sporting event in Northern Greece for a second consecutive year, this year through title sponsorship.

More than 20,000 people participated at the ΝΝ 11the International Marathon “Alexander the Great”. NN Hellas, the Title Sponsor, had a dynamic presence and “colored” the city of Thessaloniki orange. Additionally, more than 800 members of the ΝΝ Running Team participated in the races achieving great results. Many people visited the NN stand, which was full of surprises and activities for visitors. Those who were there had the chance to participate in the NN contest and win special gifts after a draw. Moreover, Mr. Remco Barbier, Head of Branding NN Group, awarded the “Live Well” prize to the 95yr old Fotis Petridis, the oldest runner of the event, following his participation at the 5km. race.

Within the framework of the title sponsorship, NN Hellas supported the Association “Together for Children” and donated a substantial amount for its causes. The Association’s celebrity “Ambassadors” participated at the ΝΝ 11th International Marathon “Alexander the Great” and competed with the colors of the NN Running Team. More specifically, journalist Popi Tsapanidou, Special Olympics medalist Makis Kalaras, athlete Antonis Vlontakis and his wife Korina Stergiadou, journalist Christos Nezos and personal trainer Sofi Paschali, honored with their presence the top sporting event while spreading the Live Well messages.

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