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Legal Information

This website is intended for general information purposes and provides basic information concerning individual banking products, insurance products or asset management products or related services. However none of the information at this site should be interpreted as an offer to sell securities or as investment advice of any kind. Queries concerning these topics should be addressed to the individual business units and/or companies of NN Hellas  in Greece. By accessing this website and the materials and information contained herein, you acknowledge that you have read, understand, accept and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions that follow.

Linked Internet Sites
NN Hellas in Greece comprises of two companies, operating under their own brand names. NN Hellas has its own website on the internet where further details and hyperlinks have been provided related to those NN Hellas companies, business units and product groups. 
Users are advised that hyperlinks or information referred to websites are neither investigated nor analyzed by NN Hellas. No warranty or representation, express or implied, is given as to the accuracy or completeness of that information. In no event will NN Group, nor any of its directors, employees or advisors accept any liability with regard to the information contained in the individual NN Hellas companies', business unit or product group's websites or any other hyperlinked or referred-to websites. A link to another site is meant for convenience only and does not imply that NN Hellas endorses the site or any products or services that it describes. Your access to and use of any other internet sites linked to or from this site is at your own risk and NN Hellas assumes no obligation or liability in connection therewith. NN Hellas reserves the right to terminate any link or linking program at any time. By accessing this site, you also agree to abide by the proprietary guidelines set forth at any website accessed or linked to through this site.

The full content of our Website, including – suggestively if not restrictively – texts, news, graphics, photographs, drawings, images, provided services and, in general, all kinds of archives, constitutes copyright and is subject to the national and international provisions concerning NN HellasCopyright, with the exception of the definitely recognized rights of third parties. As a result, the reproduction, reissue, copy, storage, selling, transmission, distribution, publication, performance, download, translation, modification in any way, partly or in summary, without prior written consent of NN Hellas, are strictly forbidden. Exceptionally, the individual storage and copy of parts of the content in an ordinary personal computer is allowed only for strictly personal use, without purposes of commercial exploitation or exploitation of any other kind and always on condition that the source of origin is mentioned and this is by no means a cession of copyright.
All other information, which is included in the electronic pages of our Website and constitutes trademarks and copyright products of third parties, is within their own responsibility and has nothing to do with our own Website.

Trademarks and Logos 
The trademarks, service marks and logos ("marks") appearing on this site are the property of those NN Hellas companies. Users are prohibited from using any of the marks without the prior written consent of the relevant beneficiary company. 

Personal Data Protection
The management and protection of personal data of the user / visitor of our Website is subject to the terms of the present document and the relative provisions of both the Greek Law (L. 2472 / 1997, L. 3471/2006 and regulatory act of Data Protection Authority 122/2001), and the European Law (Directive 95/46/ΕC and 97/66/ΕC).  Third parties shall never be notified of this data (only with the exception of the competent authorities, when defined by the Law), always preserving their personal character. Our Website keeps archives with this data exclusively for reasons of communication, complaint filing, statistics and improvement of its provided services.
In addition, in case of "links" connections to other websites, our Website is not responsible for their personal data management and protection. In any case, the user / visitor of our Website may ask for the deletion, correction or change of their personal archive after they have contacted the competent department and discover the existence of their personal archive. 
The underage are permitted to access our Website only after they have obtained the consent of their parents / guardians and are not required to make their personal data known. 

Voice Logging
NN Hellas wishes to inform its insured clients that incoming calls to NN Hellas’s Call Centre may be recorded under the following terms and conditions: 

- Recording of phone calls is lawfully justified, provided that it takes place in the course of legal business practice for the purpose of proving evidence of a commercial transaction or of any other business communication, as well as for reasons of security. The said recording shall be deleted as soon as possible and in any case at the latest by the end of the period during which the transaction can be lawfully challenged. 
If the phone call does not include elements of a commercial transaction or business communication, it shall not be recorded. 
Every NN Hellas insured person is entitled to have unrestricted access to the recordings stored by NN Hellas and to receive information on all the recorded data that regard him/her. 
Furthermore, every NN Hellas insured person is entitled to oppose in writing the processing of personal data that regard him/her, by means of filing a claim for the correction, binding, non transfer or transmission or deletion of the recording, addressed to the Functional Officer of the Call Center at the e-mail address 

By virtue of the present document, it is definitely agreed that in case a law-suit or a claim, either administrative or legal, which results from any offence of yours, is filed against our Website, you assume the responsibility to intervene in the relative procedure and indemnify our Website in case it is required to pay any compensations or any other costs. 
All information on this site, including but not limited to graphics, text and links to other sites, is provided "as is" and is subject to change without prior notice. 
Users are responsible for evaluating the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any information or other content available on this site. 

Applicable Law and other Terms
The present contract of use is subject to the provisions of the Greek Law, the directives and the Regulations of the European Law and the relative International regulations, and is interpreted on the strength of the norms of good faith, trade principles and economic and social objective of the right. 
In case a provision is found to be against the law and, as a result, it is void or voidable, it ceases to be into force ex officio, without affecting the power of the other provisions. 
No amendment of the provisions of the particular contract shall be taken into account and shall be part of it, unless it has been put forward in writing and incorporated into it. 
The Courts of Athens are responsible for any occurring disputes due to the said contract. 

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