Orange Easy Σύγκριση

NN Orange Easy programs comparison

Through the NN Orange Easy programs, we aim at providing you with health care daily, so as to maintain and improve your physical condition in the best way, reducing the health risks that may occur in the future. We created a summary table, in order to compare online the NN Orange Easy programs, so you can easily and quickly compare the coverages for each health insurance program.

NN Orange Easy 1
NN Orange Easy 2
Maximum Coverage Limit
€1.000.000 per year
€1.000.000 per year
Coverage within Greece in a contracted hospital
100% minus €1.000 deductible amount or 100% using Social Security provided that the hospital has a contract with your Social Security provider for that incident or medical act
Hospitalization room
A / B
A / B
Intensive care coverage
Surgeon, anesthesiologist and treating doctor Fee
Surgery without hospitalization
Chemo and radiotherapy without hospitalization
Small operations without hospitalization
Transportation in case of emergency
Medical visitations
Diagnostic examinations
Check Up

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