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The “Live Well” philosophy

We are no ordinary insurance company. We believe that the best and fullest protection for your family’s health is prevention through a good physical condition. In 2013, on the occasion of the new Orange Cross plans, we launched the “Live Well” philosophy. It’s a philosophy based on adopting and maintaining a healthy way of life. We try to communicate a very strong message in favor of a balanced life, full of well-being and energy, by implementing a dipole of prevention and exercise. Because for us “I live well” means “I enjoy a life full of well-being and strength”.

Beyond any insurance coverage, protecting our health is connected to our way of life. With the “Live Well” philosophy we aim to offer ample opportunity to maintain a healthy lifestyle and improve your fitness and quality of life.

1st Live Well event

A true celebration of health, wellness and fitness was missing from Greek reality. So we decided to create it. The first Live Well event took place on 7 April 2013, World Health Day, at the center of Athens. It was a big event that numbered more than 5.000 participants and managed to establish itself from the very beginning. People of all ages, families with children, athletes and non-athletes, traveled a symbolic distance of 4 kilometers, not to win, but to take part in a celebration of health.

2nd Live Well event

The second Live Well event was even more successful. It took place on 22 June 2014 at Syntagma. The square was filled with smiles and enthusiasm. Thousands of participants formed a huge orange stream. They walked, cycled, and ran for a good cause. Representatives from the areas of journalism, sports, and culture became Ambassadors of our contribution to the association. And with a combination of collection points and social media coverage, we managed to raise €6,600 in funding for the charitable association “Friends of the Child” that is actively engaged in providing for the children in need.

3rd Live Well event

On 19th April 2015 the appointment was set in Syntagma Square. More than 5.500 participants, fans of health and quality of life, both young and older,overwhelmed the city's main square, where they had the opportunity to run for the performance or for fun, walk or enjoy a bike ride and participated in many other athletic and recreational activities. Through the NN Live Well event, we  supported the charitable association “Together for Children” which is actively engaged in providing for the children in need, having on our side representatives from the areas of journalism, sports, and culture. Moreover, the participants took part in a draw with many prizes.

Spetses mini Marathon Sponsorship (2011-2015)

For the 5th consecutive year we are Gold Sponsor of the Spetses mini Marathon race. It is a sports event launched in 2011 that managed in four years to stand out in the national and international racing scene. We supported this event from the start because it expresses in the best way our philosophy of a life full of health. By supporting a by now established, yearly event, we implement our commitment to promote the values of health, well-being, and good physical condition.

In 2015 the Spetses mini Marathon had more than 7.000 participants, while more than 12.000 visitors flooded the picturesque island of Spetses.  For yet another year, we had a presence worthy of our strong brand name. The people of NN Hellas were once more present via the multitudinous NN Running team that participated in all the events, giving an “orange” tone color, and spreading the prevailing message of the “Live Well” philosophy, which promotes health, exercise and balanced life-style. Moreover, we supported the initiative “Mazi me to Paidi” Association, whose famous “Ambassadors” Mrs. Poppy Tsapanidiou and Maria Mpakodimou were guests of NN and participated in the event wearing the NN Running Team colors. As part of our Gold Sponsorship, we offered a lucky participant the chance to run in the NN Rotterdam Marathon.

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