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Orange Grove

Our mission is to work for a better future. But this cannot be accomplished solely through the security offered by insurance products and services. It is accomplished by standing side by side with the youth, by sharing their goals, by actively supporting their success through your size and your know-how. To do this, we support Orange Grove, a start-up initiative of the Embassy of the Netherlands in Greece. It’s a flexible platform for start-ups, which promotes collaboration and exchange of ideas between Dutch and Greek entrepreneurs.

The goal of this ambitious project is to provide the necessary resources (contacts, know-how, knowledge) to young Greek and Dutch entrepreneurs who wish to launch their own start-up or expand their business in Greece. At the same time, it offers a dedicated working space with offices and free internet, access to specialized educational seminars/courses, legal and accounting services and access to the entire Orange Grove network (companies, universities, institutions, individuals, even the Embassy of the Netherlands in Greece). Orange Grove is a communication channel aiming to promote start-ups, ideas, and innovations that share our purpose of making the world a better place.

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