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NN Group

We are an insurance and investment management company active in more than 18 countries, with a strong presence in Europe and Japan. Our roots lie in the Netherlands, with a rich history of almost 170 years.

We are committed to helping our customers secure their financial future, offering retirement services, insurance, investment and banking products. Our customers range from individuals and small to medium-sized companies, to large corporations and institutional investors. We operate through insurance advisors, brokers and banks, as well as directly through our websites and contact centers.

With 15,000 employees, our aim is to deliver high-quality low-cost services and products. Our approach is committed, straightforward and personal, allowing our 17 million customers to focus their resources on what matters to them.

Our corporate values can be summed up as this: we care, we are clear, we commit. We use our scale, our experience, and our know-how to offer our customers a wide variety of insurance and investment solutions across the globe.

For more information on NN Group, visit www.nn-group.com


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