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Our operation is inextricably connected to society, since the prime purpose of our operation is to make life better and secure the financial future of people. Thus, we support events held by Greek and international organizations, aiming to inform the public. Some of the events we have sponsored so far are:

  • 8th Insurance Conference (2015)
  • 9th Insurance Conference (2016)
  • Work in Progress – The pesion issue in Greece of today (2016)
  • EIAS meeting “A modern approach to Insurance Sales” (2015).
  • ΜDRT (2011).
  • KPMG meeting “Securing pensions in Greece” (2011).
  • Εconomist Roundtable (2011).
  • Ιnsurance Money Conference (2010).
  • Εconomist conference “Reshaping the pension system of Greece” (2010).
  • Banker Conference “The future of insurance in Greece” (2010).
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