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NN Orange Cross

The NN Orange Cross health insurance programs offer wide coverage at both primary and secondary care. Therefore, you can choose among 5 different programs and enjoy access to top health services that meet your own needs.

Whom they are for
These programs are for those of you who wish to always have access to the best and most modern hospital facilities in Greece and abroad, knowing that your hospitalisation coverage limit is up to €1.000.000 per year.


What they offer

  • Wide hospitalisation coverage
  • Easy access to modern and reliable medical services
  • Access to primary care with diagnostic tests and a network of physicians, dentists and physical therapists
  • Extra benefits - such as transportation in case of emergency - and privileges offered by the health service providers we work with.


Optional coverages

  • Personal accident: It enables you to secure you and your loved ones in case of loss of life or total disability due to an accident.
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