Environmental Sensitivity - Corporate Social Responsibility - NN Hellas


We undertake initiatives to reduce the footprint of our operation to the environment, starting with everyday practices that we apply in our workspace, on the basis of the trifold “reuse, recycle, save energy”. In particular we have implemented the following measures:

  • We have replaced all personal waste bins in employee offices with 29 central bins for organic waste on each floor.
  • We have placed 33 dedicated bins for paper recycling on all floors of our central offices.
  • We have placed dedicated bins for aluminum and plastic recycling in the restaurant area of our central offices and on all building floors.
  • We save paper through the double-sided printing preference preinstalled in employee personal computers.
  • We distribute payroll documents electronically to all personnel, instead of using printed forms.
  • We have placed battery recycling bins in all our buildings and sales offices.

Tips for a better life

We all can reduce our ecological footprint, by changing slightly our daily habits. See below some small tips with great significance and click here for more information.

Because protecting the environment matters.


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