Equal Opportunities at Work - Corporate Social Responsibility - NN Hellas


We acknowledge that our people constitute our most vital capital. Thus we make sure they enjoy important benefits and privileges, while their continuous training and skill development are among our primary aims.

Equal opportunities

We respect differences, we don’t discriminate, and we offer equal opportunities to all employees. We provide equal pay regardless of gender and we ensure there are opportunities for professional improvement through seminars and workshops that provide certification in a number of areas. When covering job openings, we give priority to our employees through internal recruitment.

Open communication channels

We believe in creating bidirectional information and communication channels for staff and sales network personnel. We maintain two internal networks, while we organize regular electronic updates for all employees and sales network personnel, weekly meetings between employees and the CEO, and a yearly employee commitment survey that runs on a global scale.

Allowances - Benefits

  • We provide a fixed amount to employees of our central offices and sales offices for restaurant expenditures on a monthly basis.
  • We provide a fixed amount for nursery expenditures.
  • In cases of marriage or childbirth we offer employees a bonus as a gift.
  • Through the Association of Insurance Company Employees, we offer all members free participation to the activities of Parent Schools. Parent Schools offer advice and support to help employees fulfil their difficult role as parents.
  • We provide discount vouchers for use in public transportation, as well as discounts for theater performances.
  • Initiated by the Employees' Council, blood donation is organized twice a year in our Head Office, in order to meet the emergency needs of all colleagues or their close relatives.

Health insurance benefits

From day one, all employees are entitled to join either of our health group policies, one of which is completely free of charge for them. In addition, all employees can join the company’s retirement group policy.


We urge employees to receive all of their legal annual leave based on statute and seniority. We accept up to 3 days of sickness leave, consecutive or not, without requiring medical documentation.

Dining area

Our central offices host an all-day restaurant that offers meals and beverages at reduced prices for all employees.

First aid & occupational doctor

The occupational doctor visits on fixed dates and is available for any emergency that may occur while at work. Employees are informed about doctor availability through the company’s intranet.

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