Is our commitment.

Complaints’ policy

At NN Hellas, we commit to provide you with high-quality products and services that meet your needs. However, if you have any complaint, we encourage you to contact us. This gives us the invaluable opportunity to keep improving.

We care, we are clear and we commit to address all complaints swiftly and effectively.


Monday to Friday (09:00 - 21:00)
+30 210 950 6000
198, Syggrou Avenue, Kallithea, 17671
ATTN: Customer Relations (Handling of Complaints)
+30 210 950 6611

Our customers are the heart of everything we do

The Customer Relations Department, which is responsible for handling complaints, will make sure your complaint is heard and addressed fairly and quickly, safeguarding your rights deriving from your cooperation with us.
It is important for you to know that:

  • We handle your reports politely and impartially
  • We treat everything you tell us as confidential.
  • The complaint will be treated in confidence.
  • You will not be accused or harassed due to the complaint you expressed.
  • You will not be discriminated due to disability, color, race, faith, age or sexual orientation.
  • Once we receive your complaint, the Customer Relations Department, which is responsible
    for handling complaints, will record it, notify you in writing of its receipt within one (1) business day and give you the contact details of our representative coordinating further action.
  • If necessary, a Department representative will contact you again for clarifications.
  • Our goal is to resolve customer complaints within fifteen (15) calendar days from the date they are received, with a maximum limit of fifty (50) calendar days, as expressly provided by the Bank of Greece. If the timeline set by the Bank of Greece cannot be achieved, the reason for the delay and a new possible response date will be communicated to you by a representative of the Customer Relations Department.
  • In case you are not satisfied with our response, you have the right to contact Consumer Protection Authorities, such as the Hellenic Consumer’s Ombudsman, in order to and out-of-Court settlement of the matter.

Please take the following simple steps so that we can help you as efficiently as possible:

  • Act immediately: the longer you delay filing a complaint, the more unclear the events can become, and so the harder the complaint’s resolution becomes.
  • Provide us with identification details: state your full name, your policy number and any other clarifying detail clearly.
  • Be clear: try to summarize exactly what your complaint is,

    without going into excessive detail. If that’s necessary, present events in chronological order, preferably with dates and a description of incidents, telephone calls, letters, meetings, etc.

  • Give us your opinion: tell us what you think should happen, in your opinion.




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