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Society & Children

The pillar Society & Child is a cornerstone of the NN Hellas Corporate Responsibility program. Through targeted actions, we support children and families who need our help. More specifically, NN Hellas implements initiatives for the financial support of foundations, organizes charity bazaars and encourages its employees to contribute to society through voluntary work. At the same time, NN Hellas financially supports several NGOs through donations or sponsorships.


Junior Achievement Greece

In 2015 NN Hellas began to support Junior Achievement Greece, member of the global organization for education & entrepreneurship Junior Achievement Worldwide. It is a nonprofit organization that aims to help young people create their own jobs through global experiential and cooperative learning programs offered. Volunteer employees of NN Hellas participate in an action for the global “Social Innovation Contest", where groups of students aged 15-18 develop innovative ideas and solutions to current social problems.


Donating technological equipment to Schools and Institutions of the country

Aiming to reinforce the technological infrastructure of public education, we donate computers and office multifunction devices to educational and charitable institutions that are in need of such equipment, depending on our current availability.


Supporting charitable institutions by organizing Christmas bazaars

Since 2011, we have been organizing Christmas bazaars inside our Headquarters for our employees and insurance agents, involving charitable institutions. We do our Christmas shopping, and at the same time we reinforce the causes of the organizations that we host.

“S.O.S. Children's Villages”, “Pediatric Trauma Care”, “ELEPAP”, "Care" Association and "Make a Wish" are some of the organizations we have hosted.


Christmas carols

Every Christmas since 2011, little children from the daycare centre of the association "Friends of the Child" visit our Headquarters, sing carols and collect money offered by the employees for the needs of the centre and the children.

The association’s daycare centre takes care of the nutrition, the daily personal hygiene, the entertainment and generally the normal daily life of children aged 2-6 years, belonging in families that face serious economic and social difficulties.


Orange Grove

Our mission is to try to make a better future. However, this cannot be accomplished only with the confidence offered by insurance products and services.  It is also accomplished by standing next to young people, sharing their objectives, actively supporting their implementation based on your numbers and expertise.

This is what we do by offering our support to the startup initiative Orange Grove, initiated by the Embassy of the Netherlands in Greece. It is a flexible platform for startup companies, through which cooperation and opinion exchange are cultivated among young entrepreneurs of the Netherlands and Greece, while funding opportunities are also provided to new businesses.

The aim of this ambitious project is to provide the necessary tools (contacts, expertise, knowledge) to Greek and Dutch young entrepreneurs who wish to start their own startup business or expand their business activities in Greece, while offering a specially designed space with offices and free Internet, access to specialized training seminars/courses, legal and accounting services and networking with the overall network of Orange Grove (companies, universities, institutions, people, the Dutch embassy in Athens).

The Orange Grove is a communication channel that aims to promote the startup businesses, the ideas and those innovations which target what we target too: making the world a better place.

In 2018, NN Hellas in co-operation with the Embassy of the Netherlands in Athens and Orange Grove, has successfully implemented the “Ideas Τhat Change Us” programme to dynamically contribute in young entrepreneurship acceleration. Learn more about the programme here.


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