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Pension Advice tool

We are committed to providing professional advice that correspond to your present and future needs. That is why we created the Pension Advice tool (PAt). It can calculate the amount of pension paid by Greek social security institutions, including any supplementary pension. With the help of this exclusive technique, our Insurance Advisors can help you plan your pension and better manage your financial future.

If you wish to form a reliable picture of your future pension, contact us. We will arrange a personal meeting with one of our Insurance Advisors, free of charge and with no commitment. He will estimate the amount of pension you will receive by today’s standards and help you plan your future better.

Important information

The future cannot be predicted. However, using the data that you have provided and the latest data processing technology, we can provide indications regarding the anticipated benefits of social security according to the existing legal framework. The calculations for the predicted values and benefits are based on the following assumptions: (a) all the amounts are calculated before taxes and they don’t take into consideration any tax burden, (b) all the amounts have been calculated using a rate of zero inflation and with a 2% rate of maturation (n.3863 / 10), (c) the current insurance policy with the insurance company will be continuous until the date of retirement and (d) the codification of the insurance regulations has been executed by the representatives of “Hewitt Associates Pension and Life Insurance". We must always take under consideration the extensive complications of the social insurance regulations and the fact that they are subject to frequent change. The only credible source of information for insured parties is the social security institutions themselves. For these reasons, the above calculations are just an approximation of reality.

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