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What’s the most important thing to you? Your health and that of your beloved ones. That’s the most important thing for us too. That’s why, we designed the NN Orange Easy, health insurance programs. Now you can choose among the most prominent medical providers, Euroclinic Group, Iatriko Group or Biomed, the one that makes you feel more secure, regarding healthcare.

The NN Orange Easy health insurance programs are created for those of you who wish for:

  • Integrated services of Outpatient and hospitalization coverage all in one service point.
  • Easy access to new and modern therapies, reliable medical and diagnostic tests.
  • Competitive prices and full hospitalization coverage in contemporary hospitals.
  • Simple and fast compensation through direct payoff from NN Hellas.

The NN Orange Easy health insurance programs provide you with many possibilities. For more information, contact us. 

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