Group investment programs

We are here to design and offer your group investment programs, adapted to the goals and philosophy of your enterprise.


Whom they are for

Employers and enterprises that care for their staff and wish to provide them with confidence for the future.


What they offer

  • Flexibility, by adapting to the composition and specific characteristics of your enterprise's workforce
  • Commitment of your employees, by strengthening their feeling of security
  • Supplementary income during your employee's retirement period

Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (EU 2019/2088) Disclosure

For extenral asset managers (i.e. not related to the NN Group) with General Account mandates, the Company is able to impose the RI Framwork policy upon those asset managers, but they may also have their own responsible investment or sustainable investment policy. In most cases, the RI Framework policy exclusions shall be applied to portfolios managed by such external asset managers.

When investing in third party investment funds the Company is not able to impose the RI Framework policy upon those asset managers. Thus, we cannot require that the RI Framework policy exclusions be applied to those funds.

For information on the external investment firm's approach to the integration of ESG risks in investment decision making, we refer to the website of the investment firm or to the prospectus/factsheet/website of the investment fund.

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