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Health Insurance Plans

How would life be if you could feel certain that you would never have to face unforeseen on your own?

It is this certainty that we wish to provide through our insurance plans. Above all we respect your need to provide protection for yourself and your family. With sensibility but also reliability, we offer insurance plans that serve this very purpose.

Because we want you to feel certain that when a difficult moment comes, you will find next to you a powerful ally: all of us.

NN Orange Cross


  • Maximum annual reimbursement of up to €1.000.000
  • Maximum hospitalization period of up to 365 days
  • Room classes LUX, A or B
  • Coverage in Greece in private and public hospitals
  • Coverage Abroad 
  • Choose one of five unique plans

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NN Hospital for All


  • Maximum annual reimbursement of up to €60.000
  • Maximum hospitalization period of up to 365 days
  • Room class B
  • 6 collaborating hospitals

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Group Insurance Plans


  • Specialized Group Plans
  • Standardized Plans

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NN Orange Health


  • Maximum annual reimbersement of up to €500.000
  • Maximum hospitalization period of up to 365 days
  • Room classes A or B
  • Family Discounts
  • Coverage in Greece and Abroad 

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NN Orange First Care


  • Comprehensive primary care and prevention services
  • Easy access to modern and reliable diagnostic services

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NN Orange Easy


  • Comprehensive Primary and Secondary Healthcare services at a single service point
  • Easy access to modern therapies and, in addition, reliable medical and diagnostic examinations
  • Competitive prices and full hospitalization coverage in state of the art facilities
  • Simple and fast reimbursement through our direct claims service

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NN Care for All


  • Unlimited diagnostic exams to the collaborating network
  • For everyone, regardless their age or health condition

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